Different Ways that Keratin Improves and Protects Your Hair


Keratin seems like a new buzzword in the world of beauty, but many people wonder what does keratin do for hair that makes it so great? Keratin is a naturally occurring protein found in hair and nails. It’s the protein that helps strengthen and induce shine and smoothness. As the protein begins to breakdown in your hair, you will notice that your hair becomes dull and harder to manage. As men and women age, hair thins, becomes dry, and ultimately may start to break. That’s why many older women rely on shorter hairstyles. With keratin treatments, you can improve the condition of your hair and bring back the look and feel that you want.

Loosen Curls and Frizz

If you have naturally curly hair, you may wonder what does keratin do for hair that’s naturally tightly curled and mildly frizzy. Keratin can actually change the structure of your hair when it relaxes the hair follicle. When you receive a keratin treatment or start using keratin products, the protein works to smooth and straighten the curly follicle shaft, eventually making it straight. Depending on the treatment you choose, the keratin products may just relax your hair enough that it’s easier for you to use a flat iron to get the straight look you want. The smoothing effect of the keratin will greatly reduce frizz and make your hair easier to manage.

Reduces Styling and Drying Time

The straighter and smoother your hair, the easier it is to style. When you begin using keratin treatments or products, you should notice a reduction in the amount of time it takes you to style and dry your hair. Since the keratin coats the hair shaft, it’s always working to improve smoothness and sleekness of your hair. Treatments can last from one to two months, although there are shorter treatments if you just want a temporary fix for a special occasion.

Keratin also reduces the volume of hair. If you have naturally thick hair, you’ll notice that the volume decreases, making it dry quickly and style easily. Every type of keratin treatment is different, so it’s best to work with your stylist on the best treatments and products for your hair type.

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