Vegan skin care products


When you look at the products you buy off the shelf, typically vegan, sulfate free, and sodium laureth sulfate free products are difficult to find.

Relucir has introduced vegan skin care products that not only rejuvenate and detox your hair and skin, but also provide long lasting strength, shine, and a well-polished complexion without the harmful ingredients. Let’s take a deeper look:

Why vegan?

Vegan skin care equates to cruelty free products with no animal testing. What does this mean for our:

Environment – plant based products are more sustainable in a multi-faceted way; they are healthier and they do not require extensive use of animal testing that leads to an immense waste of life, chemical, and agricultural resources.

Skin & Hair – the more pure the product, the better it is for you. Mass production leads to accelerated aging, a decline in your skin’s elasticity, dryness, and more adverse effects over time. Most products, that are both tested on animals and include animal byproducts, are heavily processed and require a significant number of other chemicals for preservation. This means more harm for your skin, less refining, less conditioning.

Not only does Relucir produce vegan skin and hair care products, but they also work to include the most natural and beneficial ingredients available. Relucir’s shampoo is sulfate free and includes the most advanced natural blend of ingredients. You hair is luxuriously restored with four peptides, hydrolyzed keratin, and hydrolyzed silk with rosemary and citrus extracts, leaving your hair strong, flexible, shiny, and protected from styling.

Relucir’s SLS free facial cleanser blasts your face with super ingredients that naturally exfoliate your skin while infusing it with the most bountiful balance of relaxing essential oils. Having an SLS free facial cleanser will lead to stronger and more moisturized skin, with a gentle and sustainable approach.

Keep these in mind when shopping for your next shampoo, conditioner, face wash, or moisturizer. Happy shopping!


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