Happy Mediums


Quietly soaking in a warm bath, dining with family, enjoying the company of friends, indulging in massages and facials, meditating by candlelight, and cutting down on life’s clutter are some of the things the Danes do, because it makes them smile.

When you take into account that Denmark holds the title of “Happiest Country in the World,” maybe it’s time that the U.S. dusts off its inalienable right to pursue happiness for the greater good:  a longer, healthier life. This, of course, is a tall order, particularly in view of the enormous cultural and environmental roadblocks to happiness. Between a sagging economy, frightening world events, natural disasters, pollution, challenging personal lives, and information-overload, it isn’t surprising that some people turn to drugs, alcohol and food for a quick, albeit brief, happiness high.

Still, feeling good about one’s self and having an overall sense of true joy through a more natural approach is attainable and begins by taking a look at three certain hormones, which may need a firm nudge to perform better: “Norepinephrine” (which gives the body a burst of sudden energy, especially in times of stress); “Dopamine” (provides feelings of mental alertness, and keeps you in a good mood); and “Serotonin” (a natural anti-depressant).

The recipe for getting this triumvirate in sync, includes exercising, enjoying the outdoors and eating a brain-loving, nutrient-rich diet of fruits, proteins and vegetables. When you couple those simple things with the Dane’s winning philosophy … happiness will undoubtedly be the long-lasting outcome.


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