Facial Serum – Performance Factors

Facial serums are the most concentrated form of treatment for our precious facial skin.  When natural ingredients are combined correctly they are some of the most powerful anti aging treatments you can use to effectively fight the signs of age and oxidative stress on your skin. Let’s consider some of the more significant natural ingredients and how they promote youthful soft smooth skin.

One anti aging ingredient in Relucir Facial Serum is the powerful hyaluronic acid . You often see this term used on packaging, in advertisements and ingredient lists but what is it?   Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body in areas like the joints and muscles that need lubrication to stay elastic and move with ease.   When used topically it can plump up fine lines and reduce wrinkles giving the skin an overall more youthful look.  You can think of it as Mother Nature’s moisturizer because it loves water and holds it in your skin!

Peptides , which sounds like a complicated science term, are merely  chains of amino acids.  In skin care terms, peptides can make the skin generate collagen.  They send a signal to the cells to repair damage.  Peptides have been researched for their effect on photo-aging (hyperpigmentation / sun damage) and wrinkled skin.  Some peptides act as an antioxidant, additionally providing reversal of the appearance of age and sun damage.  Peptides must be used regularly to enjoy the continual benefits.

How you use a serum is as important as the serum itself. Every woman should  have one  as a vital part of her anti aging skin care regime.  Serums are most effective on very clean exfoliated skin.  This allows them to deeply penetrate down to the level where they can really do some work conditioning your skin restoring it back to its former youthful appearance.

Relucir Facial Serum considers itself among the Best Facial Serum available in the marketplace.  Breakthrough natural ingredients and extracts coupled with cutting edge science have always been on the forefront when developing Relucir skin care products.


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