About Us

Priti picture about usNaturally……………is what Relucir is all about.
Where Innovation begins with the blend of Nature and Cutting Edge Science.
What’s in a name? For RELUCIR, a Spanish word derived from the Latin word “relucere” it means shine out or brilliance. For RELUCIR, a name is something significant indeed.

The story of Relucir began in 1985 when the Founders of the Wayland Soap Company (the parent company of Relucir) met a Hakim (Gifted Man), while visiting India. This Hakim practiced the healing arts using a holistic approach exclusively through natural remedies. So confident in the quality of his product and as a gesture of goodwill the Hakim offered a sample of his exquisite precious homemade face wash, which was a unique blend of science and the purest, most lavish and highly coveted natural ingredients on Earth. Never did the Founders imagine that one moment in time would later serve as inspiration for introducing a unique line of cutting edge hair and skin care products, but it did. How a moment can change everything!

The facial cleanser had a clean, delicate fragrance, rich creamy texture, and superior cleansing ability, but above all had a powerful treatment effect resulting in a luxurious look and feel on the skin. In just a few short days of use of the face wash would aid the skin in appearing youthful and luminous. Seeing was believing and it didn’t take long before the founders were “sold” on this uniquely effective yet simple concoction.

By 2010, after many trips abroad, and countless jars of the natural cleanser distributed among friends, acquaintances and relatives, a strong passion for the cleanser had escalated – the cleanser had anti aging and anti wrinkling properties; effectively combated acne, helped to lighten blemishes, hydrate, repair, nourish and soften and smoothed the skin. It was time to introduce RELUCIR to the world! The founders took a leap of faith, and sought out the Gifted Man, who they discovered had passed away years before. A twist of fate led them to one of the Gifted Man’s most dedicated and knowledgeable assistants who aided them in the research and development of the formulation. That one homemade face wash sprouted the inspiration for the product line that would take cosmetics to an inspired new level of quality and goodness. The founders teamed up with a well-respected and revered Pharm.D. who has an in depth exposure in the Cosmetics industry for over 25 years, and conducted a significant amount of product testing throughout three Continents for the skin care and hair care products. “Although it wasn’t mandatory, we wanted to ensure that our products would not only be suitable for today’s generation, but for generations to come,” said a company spokesman. Global brands such as L’Oréal, Shiseido, La Prairie, Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Aveda, and Natural and Organic cosmetic providers among others were the prime source of inspiration for research and product development.

Two years of investment in R&D and intensive testing resulted in a luxury skin care line with a unique formulation, which became the foundation of the RELUCIR brand. Now RELUCIR believes itself to be among the best natural skincare company with the finest nature and science based products that deliver exceptional results.

In addition to the finest natural facial cleanser, RELUCIR has created an essential oil based natural moisturizer and an ultra nourishing facial serum. Additionally, a high performance line of natural hair products was launched that include a scientifically advanced multi peptide based shampoo and conditioner with a combination of breakthrough natural extracts, 10+ conditioning agents, Hydrolyzed Keratin and synthetic Hydrolyzed silk which provides intensive nutrition to scalp and hair. The state of the art hair care products also help combat thinning hair and stimulate faster hair growth to result in stronger thicker more lustrous hair.

Today, with the exciting metamorphosis complete, the RELUCIR brand has received undisputed praise and applause from men and women of all ages, ethnicities and skin types at an affordable price.

True to the RELUCIR brand – Wayland Soap Company is dedicated to maintaining the company’s one glowing philosophy: “Use only cutting edge science along with proven, time-tested, premium, most natural, most luxurious ingredients”.